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At Nevada Weight Loss Wellness, we believe that weight loss is a journey and we provide the whole package: mind, body and soul.

If you fight a war with food every day and are obsessed with the scale. Diet. Restrict. Binge. Get on the scale and aren’t satisfied with what you see.

Our program awaits.

This is how we do it:

  • Appetite Suppressants
  • Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
  • 21 Day Bone Broth Diet for melting body fat and healthy weight loss
  • Soul Nutrition. Our group weight loss coaching program.
  • Weight Loss Mastermind

This is where the pavement ends.

We are offering tele-health and/or virtual appointments to reach across the entire state of Nevada!

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Weight loss

Appetite suppressants plus The Bone Broth Diet.


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy.


Tele-health. With the new Covid variant Omicron, telehealth is a great option for your weight loss journey!



“I didn’t like myself. I was losing weight for other people. I was unhappy and unhealthy. There is not a price on love and happiness. I gained it all back. This time I want to do it right. That is why I am at Rocklin Weight Loss”

Barbara S.

“I am down 18 pounds since late April. Intermittent fasting works well. My frame of mind has changed. This program has been life changing. I am now excited to get on the scale once a week”

Rochelle D.

“This tele weight loss program has been life changing. I feel better. Have more energy. Clothes are looser. I can already at a month see results. I am combing Weight Watches and a Co dependency online group recommended by Deb. I am thinking of it as a journey.”

Wendy A.

“Tele health is so convenient as I have 4 kids all with different schedules and activities. It’s awesome. The information I receive on losing weight has helped me be successful. I have more energy. I am very happy with the results.”

Trevor B.

I was searching for a weight loss place and found her. She’s so knowledgeable and has been there. Nice too. She talks about weight loss as a journey that you experience and I related to that. She has great energy and a great vibe. Very nourishing and healthy. I am on track to lose 100 pounds. Thank you Debra.

Stephanie D.

Telehealth has been amazing my first month. I am in control of food instead of food controlling me. I am motivated to continue. It’s working and encouraging as well. I am a better version of myself. I am down 22 pounds within the first month. This program is solid. Phentermine, weekly semi fasting, eating clean, B12 supplements daily. I am reducing my stress. Thank you.

Lisa G.

The main thing for me is that I work from home and I don’t have to take time off of work. Telehealth is super easy. This program is a great kick start for me. I have lost fifteen pounds in my first month. Deb recommended that I switch my protein shake from Whey to plant based and it has been a major factor in my weight loss.

Heidi H.

Deb is awesome! She’s so motivating and makes me feel so good about myself. I’ve lost 15.4 pounds in my 1st month with her!

Holly Hisel

Great staff and management. Really like the full-service approach to health and weight management. Their commitment to helping you succeed is evident in their results. I’ve recommended Nevada Weight Loss to several friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Celene Wolfe

Hypnotherapy with Deborah has been the best thing I ever did. It helped me to get in touch with the root cause of the problems that have been plaguing me all my life.. It brought me in touch with those feelings and patterns in a way that nothing else had helped . I had tried everything from aroma therapy to Zen and nothing had given me the relief that I needed from my did from my baggage and the patterns that were instilled in me as a child.The Process was not only painless it was liberating and freeing and and my life has completely turned around after just 2 sessions I cannot say enough for Deb and the wonderful work that she is doing.


Debra motivated me. I was down the rabbit hole with my weight. I am in a better mental place with food. Clothes are fitting better. The days I don’t want to work out I don’t think about I just do it. Phentermine is a good tool. I am thankful for it and I take in all of Debra’s words. The support is amazing. I just keep going.


“I attended the Sugar Addiction Hypnosis Workshop. It really works! I have control over my sugar cravings. This has boosted my weight loss, My joint pain is gone. Eczema gone. I am focusing on my vision as far as professional goals. Thank you Deb”


“I am wearing pants I haven’t worn in six years. I am in a groove. My mindset has changed about food and exercise. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Deb”

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Women’s Weight Loss Support Group

A forum to share weight loss struggles and successes without judgment.

Wednesdays in June from 6-7pm on Zoom. 

Price: FREE!

Women's Weight Loss Support Group
Women's Weight Loss Support Group

Upcoming Courses

Sugar Addiction

Soul Nutrition

Dates TBA

6-7pm live on Zoom

Space is limited!

Price: $99

Sugar Addiction

Weight Loss Mastermind

Dates TBA

6-7pm live on Zoom

Space is limited!

Price: $99

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Soul Nutrition is a revolutionary approach to weight loss that incorporates the concept of hypnotherapy to provide an emotional bridge for healing of the inner child which is a key to weight loss success.


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