Intuitive Eating

Are you hungry?

Become aware of your body.

Intuitive Eating is the latest trend in weight loss. It is at the heart of portion control. It is also known as mindfulness eating.

I practice this on a daily basis. This helps you flip the switch with food.

Intuitive eating involves engaging your brain each and every time you have food in your mouth and beginning to trust the signals your body gives you for being hungry and satisfied. Intuitive eating is a great platform for weight loss.

With each bite of food that is in your mouth ask yourself four questions:

1. Am I hungry?
Check in with yourself here. If you are hungry, eat. If you are not, stop.


2. How does this food taste to me?
This slows you down with food. Engages your taste buds. Brings you into the moment. Chew your food slowly instead of choking it down. Become aware of what you are doing which is nourishing your body. Take your time.


3. How do I feel about it?
You should feel good about what you are eating. If you aren’t stop.


4. Am I finished with it?
When your body signals that you are satisfied push away and give yourself permission to leave food on your plate. It is okay.

There will be times that you remember to practice this and times you don’t. Especially if you are a binge eater and that is okay.
Just go right back to turning on your brain when you have food in your mouth. Stay connected to yourself with food.

Intuitive eating is a powerful tool for weight loss and maintenance.

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