Soul Nutrition:

A 4-Week Course, Live on Zoom
Soul Nutrition

Debra McCurtain, FNP-C

Certified Weight Loss Hypnotherapist

Dearest Souls,

I invite you to join me in participating in my first online course: Soul Nutrition.

This course is designed for healing from:

  • A lifetime of dieting
  • The endless war with food
  • The shame of the scale
  • Emotional eating

This four week Zoom course is based on hypnosis and connecting to the inner child. I have been in the weight loss field for the past fifteen years and it all gets down to healing the inner child. The adult wants to lose weight and be healthy. The inner child is the one who wants cookies and chips and not just one. The inner child is the one who cannot be controlled and does not like to diet. The adult is the one who feels guilty or hopeless. Building the bridge to healing this little one is what my first course is all about.

Module One:

  • Introduction to hypnosis
  • What it is and isn’t
  • Telling your weight loss story
  • Inner child contact through hypnosis
  • Building a safe container
  • Setting daily practice of self-love

Module Two:

  • Group share
  • Discussion of emotional triggers
  • What are they and where are they felt in the body?
  • Behaviors that follow
  • Hypnosis into a recent emotional trigger and connection to the inner child
  • Safe container for the inner child
  • What is your job here?

Module Three:

  • Group share
  • Discussion of shifts that are occurring
  • Discussion of shame
  • Explore what it feels like
  • Relationship with food and body
  • Hypnosis to shame and the inner child
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Safe container
  • Shame release techniques for day in day out

Module Four:

  • Anchors in this world
  • The concept of the Divine self and safe place
  • The importance of this relationship
  • How to cultivate this practice
  • The nature of inquiry
  • Hypnosis to the Divine self and the inner child
  • The connection to weight loss through self-love
  • No judgment
  • No scale
  • Focus on your healing
  • Setting daily practice of self-love
  • Recommended reading

“I really liked it. I loved the group setting. It was such a safe container to be vulnerable. The notes I took have helped me to stay grounded through the process of healing. This course made me realize that I had unresolved childhood trauma that required therapy. I am working on that now. Thank you Debra”

Lori M

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Price: $99

Soul Nutrition

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Soul Nutrition is a revolutionary approach to weight loss that incorporates the concept of hypnotherapy to provide an emotional bridge for healing of the inner child which is a key to weight loss success.


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