Sugar Addiction Group Hypnotherapy Workshop

July 9th 12-2pm, live on Zoom
Soul Nutrition

Debra McCurtain, FNP-C

Certified Weight Loss Hypnotherapist

What gets in the way of your weight loss goals?

One word: sugar.

Whether it’s cake, candy or cookies.

It is highly addictive.

Are you ready to try something different to break this cycle?

It’s a hypnotherapy technique known as collapsing anchors. It is used to reduce or eliminate the urge or cravings for a substance. It involves taking a negative behavior and integrating it into a positive state. It will strengthen the concept of choice. It is highly effective at reducing addictive behaviors.

Simple process.

Guided by a Advanced Trained Clinical Hypnotherapist Debra McCurtain.

    What to expect?

    Introductions and group share
    Induction: Relaxation process that is guided.
    Collapsing Anchors Protocol that is guided.
    Session recorded for playback.
    Group experience share.
    That’s a wrap!

    Date & Time

    July 9th, 12-2pm

    Price: $49

    Sugar Addiction

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