Summer is coming is it not? This is usually the time when we shame ourselves. That our bodies aren’t good enough for a bathing suit or a bikini. That we need to restrict ourselves with food. Be hard on ourselves. I am guilty of this too, to a degree. But let’s take a look at the facts. We’re coming out of winter or depending on where you live are smack dab in it. It’s cold out and the sun is distant. And it’s Covid which hasn’t been kind and has turned most of our lives upside down. We can’t see our loved ones and have sacrificed our souls to home-school our children. Where does that leave us?

Instead of losing your mind, claim your soul. Surrender to what you can’t control and create a safe container for yourself. Spin your energy. Get up every morning and honor it. Put some of your favorite music on. Dance. Sing. Smile. Set an intention to liberate yourself. People who bring you down- no mas. Prep your lunch. Put down that donut. Make a healthy salad with balsamic vinaigrette. Pet the dog. Acknowledge the cat. Hug your kids. Kiss your partner. Be grateful for what is. Let the rest go. Set your sights on joy. Create something. Plan for a brilliant future. Manifest light and love. Fill your soul with love and your weight will follow. Exercise. Move your body.

If you want to lose weight, lose weight. In the words of Wayne Dyer, it’s how you arrange your mind. Figure out what works and what doesn’t. I am in the process of losing five pounds. Am I going to starve myself to death? No. But I am going to stop eating when I am satisfied not full. Increase my exercise to five times a week. Drink more water. Decrease the crackers and chips and alcohol. Weigh in once a week and leave it. My body and mind need rest. I am reminding myself that I don’t always need to be doing something. Check in with supportive friends. Attend the Weight Loss Mastermind Group that meets on Thursday nights. Stop watching the news. Keep meditating. Create that course for my hypnotherapy clients. Shine my light. Heal my soul.

Just in the moment when I look at my body and feel that it isn’t good enough or I am feeling out of control I remind myself that I am a warrior capable of anything I set my mind to. I will not settle for a less than ordinary life. Summer is coming and I can’t wait!