TDEE Calculator

What is TDEE?

Total Daily Energy Expenditure

Total daily energy expenditure or TDEE is very important for weight loss. It calculates the amount of energy (calories) your body needs to sleep, wake up, breathe, metabolize food and engage in physical activity.

A calorie is a unit of energy. Your body converts calories from food into energy to function. How many calories your body needs to accomplish all this is known as total energy expenditure. This number is just an estimate.

I don’t recommend tanking your calories to lose weight. Dropping too far below your TDEE will slow your metabolism down for three months making weight weight loss very difficult. A reduction in TDEE calories is key to weight loss. A goal is to reduce your calories by 200-500 each day to lose weight.

Use the TDEE calculator below to accurately calculate the amount of calories to lose 1-2 pounds a week and then make a habit of logging in your calories at least three times a week on the calorie counting platform of your choice. I use Myfitnesspal.

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