Tele Weight Loss

This is the latest trend in weight loss. From the comfort of your own home or office. It is very simple and HIPPA compliant. We are working with the tele health software company Kareo where you will be able to book an appointment and complete documents. This appointment will be virtual. You will have a client login where you can communicate with your provider at any time. 

Be prepared.

Step One:

Book an appointment

Step Two:

Complete patient intake forms that will be emailed to you.

Even though you are a current client, new client forms will have to be completed.

Step Three:

Have a current blood pressure reading and weight at the time of the visit.

Amazon has inexpensive wrist blood pressure monitors.

Step Four:

Medication will be called into the pharmacy of your choice or shipped.


With the new Covid variant Omicron tele health is a great option for your weight loss journey.

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Soul Nutrition is a revolutionary approach to weight loss that incorporates the concept of hypnotherapy to provide an emotional bridge for healing of the inner child which is a key to weight loss success.


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