Soul Nutrition: 6-Week Weight Loss Program

Begins April 12th, 2021

What is Soul Nutrition?

Soul Nutrition is a six-week integrative weight management program offered online in a group setting. My unique program will empower you to manage both your hunger and your weight by addressing body, mind, and spirit. You will begin to adopt a brand new relationship with food. And if you feel trapped in a cycle of binge eating due to food restriction and fears of deprivation, this program will also help you.


What Can I Expect From the Soul Nutrition Online Program?

During my Soul Nutrition program, you will learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques during six weekly sessions. I will also teach you powerful hypnotic tools to reach your weight loss goals. These goals help participants reduce stress eating, abandon yo-yo dieting and overcome food addictions.

My mindfulness and relaxation techniques will allow you to change the inner programming that can make sustained weight loss a challenge. I will help you re-regulate your metabolism to burn “hotter,” releasing unnecessary weight. The Soul Nutrition program can also help you identify and release feelings that promote cravings and unhealthy eating behaviors. You will learn to identify what you are truly hungry for and to work on attracting that into your life.

In the Soul Nutrition program, I use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help you shrink your stomach to its normal size. This will help you feel satisfied with smaller portions. Hypnosis will also help you eliminate the desire for foods that do not serve you and your weight loss goals.


What You’ll Learn During Soul Nutrition:

In the Soul Nutrition program, we access the power of your subconscious mind. In the subconscious is where 90% of your feelings and emotions, long-term memories, habits, bodily functions, intuition, and more are stored.

Instead of dealing with symptoms, we go right to the root of the issue. Through hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we update your internal operating system, remove outdated and buggy programs and negative behaviors and install inner tools for lasting transformation.

Through my unique approach, we will reprogram your brain so that you learn to drive your mind instead of your mind driving you. All you need is the desire to do so.

During Our Six Weeks Together We Will:

  • Discover what you’re really hungry for
  • Increase your metabolism and motivation for physical activity through hypnosis
  • Discover and heal your emotional eating habits
  • Discover the hidden shadow parts that are holding you back from being successful in life
  • Extinguish your most intense food cravings once and for all
  • Eliminate perfectionism and procrastination

The Schedule

Soul Nutrition begins on Monday, April 12th at 6:00-7:30pm PT

All sessions are recorded if you can’t attend live.

Debra McCurtain, FNP, CHT

I am an entrepreneur and a visionary. Weight loss is about self discovery. I still remember the day that my mother called me fat when I was twelve. How I began to see myself as flawed and that food was the enemy. My life was one big diet. I restricted myself with food and binged. The scale dominated my life.

Then after my second child decided that I was finished with that lifestyle. I stopped dieting. Began to trust myself. I gave up Jack in the Box tacos, salami, Doritos and McDonalds filet-o-fish with French fries. I walked on my lunch hour. Ate oatmeal for breakfast. Brown rice with broccoli and chicken for lunch and salads with protein for dinner. I lost thirty pounds in six months. I kept it off and I never looked back. Wherever I am I trust myself with food and what is good for my body. I am not perfect but I don’t play games with the scale or myself. I binge healthy. For me its about the mind body connection. I meditate to stay connected and grounded. I exercise because it is good for my body, mind and soul. I eat healthy for the same reasons. I am in the business of weight loss because I am supposed to be.

The power of a simple conversation about weight loss continues to amaze and inspire me. I never know where it will lead.

I was put on this planet to inspire and motivate women to put themselves first and to remember how beautiful they really are.

Debra McCurtain is the CEO of Rocklin Weight Loss. She is also a Family Nurse Practitioner, A Certified Hypnotherapist and a Reiki 1 Practitioner, A Holistic Nutritionist, and last but not least A Spiritual Counselor studying at Delphi University. She has written one book, Soul Nutrition. She enjoys finding time for joy whenever and wherever that may be.

Choose Your Weight Loss Package

Package 1:
Soul Nutrition

Price $99

  • 6 Soul Nutrition Weekly Group Sessions
  • 20 Soul Nutrition Home-Study Hypnosis Sessions via MP3’s
  • Soul Nutrition Workbook

Package 2:
Hypnotherapy Bundle

Price $199

  • 90 minute Hypnotherapy session
  • 1 month of Phentermine

Package 3:
Rapid Weight Loss Bundle

Price $297

  • Soul Nutrition 6 weeks online
  • 90 minute Hypnotherapy session
  • 1 month of Phentermine

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Soul Nutrition is a revolutionary approach to weight loss that incorporates the concept of hypnotherapy to provide an emotional bridge for healing of the inner child which is a key to weight loss success.


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