Weight Loss

Here’s what we know…

You want to lose weight.

Whatever the reason, whether it’s for health, a wedding, a pant size, a return to pre-baby weight, or the “Covid twenty pounds”,
you want to lose weight.

There are many weight loss programs to choose from. Different methods of weight loss such as:
HCG injections, the keto diet, meal replacement shakes and bars, prepackaged meals, supplements, and even medications like Phentermine.

The cost. The vibe of the office. Time.

All of the above are important factors in your decision. At Nevada Weight Loss & Wellness we know this.
That is why on your first visit we are going to cover a lot of ground. Do it with respect of your time and money and weight loss struggles.

On your first visit we are going to cover a lot of ground.



Assess your weight loss goals and develop achievable action steps towards success.


Introduce the Latest Trends

We will introduce the latest trends in weight loss such as intermittent fasting and intuitive eating.


Hypnotherapy & Meditation

Discuss hypnotherapy for emotional eating and meditation for stress management.


Calculate your TEE

Your Total Energy Expenditure. These are the calories needed to lose one to two pounds a week.


MyFitnessPal App

This is followed up with encouraging downloading the myfitnesspal app to log your food three times a week.


Meal Plans

We will provide you with meal plans based on your caloric intake for weight loss. These are gluten free and macro balanced.


Phentermine Supplements

Phentermine Supplements for gut health will be discussed along with apple cider vinegar.


One-day Juice Cleanse

We recommend a one day juice cleanse to kick off your weight loss journey.


Weighing In

We encourage weighing in once a week and or measurements.


Weight Loss Mastermind

We will discuss joining a weight loss mastermind group once a week on Zoom.

Due to Covid-19 precautions the first visit will be online followed by an in-clinic visit for blood pressure, pulse, height, and weight measurements.

A B12 injection will be offered. Dispension of appetite suppressants will follow.
All of the above will be performed by a nurse practitioner. After your first visit, you will have the option of ordering online.

The total time for the online visit is 30-45 minutes.

If you are ready to bring your weight loss vision to life contact us for an appointment.

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Soul Nutrition is a revolutionary approach to weight loss that incorporates the concept of hypnotherapy to provide an emotional bridge for healing of the inner child which is a key to weight loss success.


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Do you feel trapped in a cycle of binge eating due to food restriction and fears of deprivation? Join us on a six-week integrative weight management program offered online in a group setting.

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